Electric Guitars

Sunrise Guitars has an incredible selection of electric guitars for musicians in Fayetteville and all of Northwest Arkansas. We have electrics from all your favorite brands, including PRS, G&L, Music Man, Eastman, Taylor, and Yamaha. Whether you're looking for a Solid Body, Hollow Body, Semi-Hollow, Set Neck, or Bolt On Neck, we've got you covered.

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Eastman AR371CE Blonde

$899 Eastman

Eastman AR372CE Sunburst

$999 Eastman

Eastman AR380CE Honeyburst

$1,279 Eastman

Eastman AR503CE

$1,279 Eastman

Eastman SB59 Goldburst

$1,439 Eastman

Eastman SB59 Sunburst

$1,439 Eastman

Eastman T386 Sunburst

$919 Eastman

Eastman T486 Red

$1,039 Eastman

G&L Legacy 3 Tone Sunburst

$1,449.99 G&L

G&L Legacy HSS Graphite Metallic

$1,499.99 G&L

G&L Legacy Lake Placid Blue

$1,499.99 G&L

G&L Legacy Shoreline Gold

$1,499.99 G&L

G&L Tribute Fallout Alpine White

$429.99 G&L

G&L Tribute Legacy Candy Apple Red

$499.99 G&L
Sold Out

G&L Tribute Legacy Gloss Black

$499.99 G&L

G&L Tribute Legacy Surf Green

$499.99 G&L

G&L Tribute S-500 Vintage White

$549.99 G&L

Music Man Cutlass Coral Red

$1,599 Music Man

PRS CE 24 Dark Cherry Sunburst

$1,999 PRS

PRS CE 24 Trampas Green

$1,999 PRS

PRS S2 Custom 24 Whale Blue

$1,499 PRS

PRS S2 Studio Limited Black

$1,399 PRS

PRS S2 Vela Frost Green Metallic

$1,299 PRS

PRS SE 245 Cherry Sunburst

$659 PRS

PRS SE Custom 22 Whale Blue

$779 PRS

PRS SE Custom 24 Scarlet Red

$759 PRS

PRS SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple

$829 PRS

PRS SE Custom 24 Trampas Green

$779 PRS

PRS SE Custom 24 Zebrawood

$829 PRS

PRS SE Standard 24 Multi-Foil

$849 PRS

PRS SE Zach Myers Trampas Green

$779 PRS

Taylor T3

$2,099 Taylor

Taylor T5Z Classic Deluxe

$2,199 Taylor

Taylor T5z Standard Sunburst

$2,499 Taylor

Used PRS SE Custom 24 Grey Black

$450 PRS

Yamaha PAC112J Black

$199.99 Yamaha

Yamaha PAC112J Metallic Red

$199.99 Yamaha

Yamaha PAC112J Natural

$199.99 Yamaha

Yamaha PAC212VFM Caramel Brown

$359.99 Yamaha

Yamaha PAC311H Vintage White

$399.99 Yamaha

Yamaha RS320 Black Steel

$399.99 Yamaha

Yamaha RS320 Red Copper

$399.99 Yamaha

Yamaha RS420 Black Steel

$499.99 Yamaha

Yamaha RS420 Fired Red

$499.99 Yamaha