Sunrise Guitars has an incredible selection of effects pedals for musicians in Fayetteville and all of Northwest Arkansas. We have pedals from all your favorite brands, including Boss, Chase Bliss Audio, EarthQuaker Devices, Fishman, JHS, and LR Baggs. Whether you're looking for a overdrive, boost, delay, fuzz, octave, pitch, reverb, tremolo, chorus, vibrato, or something more outside the box, we've got you covered.

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Boss CH-1 | Super Chorus

$123.99 Boss

Boss CS-3 | Compression Sustainer

$102.99 Boss

Boss DS-1 | Distortion

$52.99 Boss

Boss OD-3 | Overdrive

$102.99 Boss
New Arrival

Boss RC-10R | Rhythm Loop Station

$308.99 Boss
New Arrival

Boss RC-5 | Loop Station

$205.99 Boss

Boss RV-6 | Reverb

$153.99 Boss

Boss SY-1 | Synthesizer

$205.99 Boss

Boss TR-2 | Tremolo

$102.99 Boss

Boss TU-3 | Chromatic Tuner

$102.99 Boss

Boss VO-1 | Vocoder

$256.99 Boss

Ernie Ball VP Jr.

$99.99 Ernie Ball

JHS Angry Charlie V3 | Overdrive

$199 JHS

JHS Cheese Ball | Distortion/Fuzz

$179 JHS
New Arrival

JHS Milkman | Slap Echo/Delay

$179 JHS

JHS Mini Foot Fuzz V2 | Fuzz

$135 JHS
New Arrival

JHS Muffuletta | Fuzz

$229 JHS
New Arrival

JHS Red Remote

$35 JHS

JHS Tidewater | Tremolo

$135 JHS

LR Baggs Para-DI

$199 LR Baggs

LR Baggs Venue DI

$299 LR Baggs

Vox V847 | Wah Pedal

$109.99 Vox