Quilter Aviator Gold Combo 112

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Sunrise Guitars in Fayetteville, Arkansas is proud to carry the Quilter Aviator Gold Combo 112. If you have to have that cutting and passionate lead tone, this is your amp. Using a beautiful Classic Lead 80 speaker, you will get a smooth and balanced tone excellent for raw power.

The Aviator Open Twelve is great for lead work and capable of huge volume. It has quickly become a tone standard for serious touring professionals and truly delivers on the promise of that awesome 12″ open backed speaker tone.

Consider this one if you are already playing through a 12″ combo and demand the utmost in a twelve inch combo. Awesome all by itself or as a platform for your pedals, it will leave you stunned night after night. No trips to your tube amp guru required!

The Aviator Gold 12 Inch Combo is the definitive replacement for inferior offshore 12 inch tube amplifiers that are often laden with more solid state components than an iphone. Constructed from pro-grade 15mm certified Baltic Birch, hand made boutique cornered, artisan crated Tolex covering, and professionally constructed circuitry made right here in the USA.


Dimensions: 17.5″Hx23″Wx9″D
Weight: 33.8lbs.
Watts: 100 Watts Per Channel